Sky – Christmas

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Part of Sky’s ‘See, Speak, Surf’ campaign. This one the Christmas one, obviously. Music by Sonny.

Sky – See, Speak, Surf

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Part of the Sky ‘See, Speak, Surf’ TV campaign. Music by Sonny.

Sky Plus

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Part of the Sky Plus British TV campaign. End music sting by Sonny.

Cadbury’s Giant Finger

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An unaired TV ad for Cadbury’s Giant Finger. Music by Sonny.

Observer Music Monthly

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The Observer Music Monthly TV Campaign. Music by Sonny Williamson & Raymond Sewell (Pitch).


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Part of the Jessops British TV campaign. Music by Sonny.

Kellogg’s Applejacks – Showtime

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Part of the Kellogg’s Applejacks campaign on US TV. Music by Sonny Williamson and Alex Nicholls-Lee.

News Of The World – Gangland Special

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TV Campaign for the News Of The World – Gangland Special. Music by Sonny.

The Sun

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Saturday Sun TV campaign. Music by Sonny.

McDonald’s Coffee

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Ad Campaign for McDonald’s coffee. Music by Sonny Williamson (Pitch).